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It’s not always easy to find a reliable and recommended Locksmith when you need work done on your house or work place. Whether it’s a small, simple job like cutting a key or more extensive work such as a full master key suite on a hotel or fitting new British standard locks to comply with your insurance employing an approved Locksmith is vital.

You may require the services of a specialist locksmith for unusual work, to make repairs to a listed building’s Locks,or restore antique locks so The Guild of Professional Locksmiths is here to ensure you find the finest and most suitable Locksmith available.

We are one of the most established Locksmith Association representing skilled tradesmen who strive for excellence in their workmanship. We represent True Professionals and all Guild members have been assessed and vetted to earn the right to be called Professional Locksmiths. Once accepted as members, they are required to maintain a high standard of customer service and meet all the Guild’s objectives.

In the event of any dispute, The Guild has a proven procedure for conciliation.

By choosing to use an accredited member of The Guild of Professional Locksmiths, you can rest assured that you are working with a tradesman who represents professional expertise, integrity, a commitment to high standards and in turn, value for money.

If you need the services of an approved tradesman, search our online directory of our members at you want to ensure your project runs smoothly, ensure you follow our expert advice to help you choose the best professional locksmith for the job.

A sign of quality

The Guild of Professional Locksmiths continues a long established tradition of bringing together skilled artisans engaged in a trade, in order to safeguard the interests of the public and ensure they receive a premium service from recommended Locksmiths. Rogue tradesmen and shoddy workmanship can be hard to spot when you are meeting a supplier for the first time, and without seeing their credentials you may be putting yourself at risk. The Guild of Professional Locksmiths provides the public with skilled, local Locksmiths you know you can trust.

Look for the Guild emblem – a sign of quality - which can only be used by accredited members of The Guild of Professional Locksmiths. All Guild members are thoroughly assessed to earn the right to be called Professional Locksmiths. Once accepted into membership, they are required to maintain and uphold the Guild's stringent professional criteria. In the event of any dispute between customer and tradesman,

The Guild has an effective, proven procedure for conciliation. So, if you see the Guild emblem you can be sure that you will be working with a rated, trusted Locksmith that is highly skilled, reliable and accountable.

To get started, search the Guild’s database of members today at 

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